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Nuuchahnulth Silent Speakers Course

admin | January 4, 2019

Silent Speaker course in Port Alberni accepting Applications.


Who is a Silent Speaker?

A silent speaker is someone who understands a language quite well but does not speak it. There are many different kinds of silent speakers. Here are some examples:

  • Residential school survivors who spoke their language before attending school.
  • People who grew up hearing a language and understand it but do not speak it.
  • People who grew up with a fluent grandparent in the home and understand the language but do not speak it.
  • People who have studied extensively and have developed a high level of ability in reading and writing their language but do not speak it.
  • Speakers who moved away from the community for some time and do not feel comfortable speaking now that they have moved back.
  • Speakers who speak a different dialect of the same language and do not feel comfortable speaking within a community where another dialect is more common.
  • Speakers who simply haven’t spoken for years because they haven’t really had anyone to speak with.
  • Other terms used for silent speakers include understanders, latent speakers or receptive bilinguals.

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