Our Students

  • We have extremely diverse classes. Individuals from 13 years old to over 70 years of age participate.  Many students attend in family groupings like a mother and daughters, 3 siblings, a mother and 2 sons, 2 daughters and a grandchild, 3 sisters and some of their children.
  • Students are at all levels of speaking the Nuu chah nulth language.  It’s noticeable that students who attended Hahopayuk School for 7 years are much more advanced in their language abilities. Usually fluent speakers will attend as observers or register as students. Fluent speakers learn about the Nuu chah nulth alphabet and sentence structure. They contribute to everyone’s learning, especially by demonstrating everyday conversation between each other. 
  • The language classes seem to attract the best of people.  Everyone focuses on language learning in spite of cruel and relentless efforts to extinguish Nuu chah nulth culture and language at Indian Residential Schools. The older, fluent speakers have a lot to teach about the cultural context that Nuu chah nulth live in historically and currently. 
  • Students have university degrees, college diplomas and careers that vary from entry level jobs to owner/operators of successful businesses. Quite a few students are already involved in teaching the Nuu chah nulth language to children. Many students attend classes with the goal of revitalizing and teaching Nuu chah nulth language.