nuuchahnulth language





is a word, sentence and saying building learning support ‘game.’

For learners who have some understanding of the way our language works and some basic vocabulary:



ROOT CARDS have a #1 with white faces.


Roots are the foundational parts of our thoughts: words, sentences, and sayings. The root of a word is the first part of our words, hence the one and they are always the first card.  

There are 20 of these:

·      3 root word,

·      6 weather root words,

·      11 actions roots words,



ASPECT CARDS have the #2 with green faces.


The aspects is a linguistic term cards can be defined as:


There are 10 of these:


·      1 repetitive aspect card

·      2 complete aspect cards

·      3 continuous aspect cards

·      4 endings



TENSE CARDS have the #3 with blue face.


There are 4 of these cards.

This set of cards has:

·      1 ending

·      1 past tense

·      2 future tense



MOOD CARDS have the #4 with a plum face.


There are 8 of these:

·      4 real mood

·      4 question mood


The bottom of the cards has samples of what can be put together